the right places you can meet shemales!!!



The IT Club

On Friday and Sunday nights the IT Club has a very mixed crowd of gay, straight and transgender. It's a great club, very big and get's crowded. You'll have a difficult time telling the transsexuals from the real girls.

Song Thaew Cafe
Walk along Damstraat from Dam Sq. and it's the second canal on right - go down 2 mins.

A friendly Thai bar that often has a lot of Thai transsexuals. Don't be put off by the feeling that everyone else is Thai, it's friendly and welcoming. I don't believe that the girls are "working" but you never know.

Window Shopping
Redlight District

A trip to Amsterdam wouldn't be complete without a tour around the redlight area. There are TS's working here but many are post-op and it's unlikely that they'll advertise the fact if they are TS. There are a lot of Thai/Indonesian girls working around. Basically, you might have to go up and ask them!





In the streets near "Falconplein" you can find generaly about 10-15 TS from Belgium, France, Spain and Latin America. Somes are very nice. The price to suck and fuck begin at 1.000 bef ( 25 EURO).

Info courtersy of PY.


Nuevo Laredo

Boystown -

"Laredo is located just a couple hours south of San Antonio down I-35. Once there park in lot behind mall and walk over bridge to Nuevo Laredo.

Cabs will be waiting and will assume you want to go to Boystown-$10 for the ride no matter how many passengers there are. The first , biggest and best known club is Pappagallo's but the girls are all "real"-not a bad place to dump off your mates who arent into the shemale scene.


"Mazatlan is a beach resort on Mexico’s Pacific coast, located just opposite the southern tip of Baja California in the state of Sinaloa. It’s popular with singles and families and is definitely a good vacation destination for a single man, since its beaches, bars and discos are constantly full of young, attractive American, Canadian and European women.

That the town has a thriving--and legal--red light district is a fact unknown to most of the tourists who pass through. It is officially called the Zona de Tolerancia, though on local maps it’s Francisco I. Madero and informally it’s also known as Campo Siete, being the proverbial seventh barrack of the nearby military base. Its female and t-girl prostitutes are licenesed by the local authorities and are required to carry ID cards and cards verifying that they have been checked recently for venereal diseases.

To get to the Zona you have to take a taxi or an open air ‘pulmona’-- negotiate the fare before departure to avoid ripoffs. The trip from the Golden Zone, where the beach and tourist hotels are, to the Zona de Tolerancia is several miles. Your cab will stop for a moment so that a military policeman can look through the window to check that you’re not a uniformed Mexican serviceman. Then you’ll travel a mile or so down Calle Pino Suarez, a recently paved and lit but still desolate road, past two isolated clubs, to an ocean of neon appearing amid the squalor of tumbledown shacks.

There are four clubs here to consider. Dos Gordos is a rowdy strip club and clip joint. La Fogata, riotously decorated in Egyptian, Polynesian, Japanese and French boudoir themes, has a staff of glum ladies and the occasional shemale, and a pronounced cat aroma. At El Dragon Rojo, a club frequented by local couples as well as single men, the women are friskier and the stage show can range from the routine to the breathtaking. (Occasionally El Dragon Rojo features the male- female couple Diego and Sade, who must have trained as circus acrobats. Their act combines dance, gymnastics, stripping and contortions in an incredible display of dexterity and grace.)

Finally, there is El Famoso. Shemales are what El Famoso is famous for. El Famoso's interior is el basico-- some tables, a bar, a platform for dancing and shows, a bathroom that consists of a single trough, with a barrell of water for rinsing your hands, and a small room in the back, none too clean, for hasty sexual encounters. Beers are 10 pesos--a dollar each. Girls' drinks are 15 pesos or higher. The t-girls vary a lot in looks and quality, but there are always a few stunners in the bar on any given night, out of twenty or so shemales who live in the neighborhood and work out of the bar. For a private party, you can take a taxi to one of the town's hot sheet motels, where a room typically costs 100 pesos--ten dollars. Los Cabanas, El Real, and El Relax are all good choices. Each features porno flicks in the rooms and an ingenious turntable payment system, so that the management doesn't have to see the clients (and vice versa).

The prices that the t-girls charge are ridiculously low by US standards. It’s my hope that the girls will eventually learn that foreigners can always pay more than the 100 pesos they normally charge their customers. Until then it’s virtually pay what you wish. Taking a girl to a motel is less risky than bringing her back to your hotel room in the Golden Zone. (If you do insist on taking her back to your room, she'll explain that it's customary for girls to order room service at the tourist hotels, in order to keep the hotel management happy by cutting them in on the transaction.)

Carnival, the week bafore Ash Wednesday, is the best party week of the year in Mazatlan. (It's also when hotels are most crowded, and prices are highest.) Monday of Carnival is traditionally known as the Day of the Oppressed Husbands. On this night, the annual Concurso Travesti, a shemale beauty contest, is held at La Fogata bar. The elaborate show includes production numbers and a competition in various categories, and the coronation of the Queen of the year. For an affectionate look at this event and more about the t-girls of the Zona see Sam Quinos’ article at mag_dec99/mexicanqueens/mexicanqueens.html.


"Noa Noa's is a very friendly ts/tg bar in Tijuana. It is located just over the border in what is called the "Red Sun "district. At least it was to me.
It is located at 1st Av. and D St. (Note one must read the street signs carefully as they have other longer names as well)
Alajandra is your friendly TS Bar host and I personally spent a remarkable few hours with Lucera a tall enchanting lady.
There was a floor show starting just as I departed with Lucera and the entertainment looked extremely enticing.. " - Dan

"I have been going to the Noa Noa for years. Not only is it one of the safer places in TJ but the girls are extrememly beautiful. Many don't speak English or very limited. They are friendly and even though there are many "working" girls, there are also a few TS that go for the entertainment. Many of the girls are looking for real relationships and very discreet. I just love the place and every time I go I see more new faces, all very passable and very beautiful."

United Kingdom

TS/TS PLACES in the UK Ok the UK is a bit weird for TV/TS places and its not universally acceptable to go out dressed - its better if you're more convincing - not only looks wise but also from the view point of mannerisms - not every woman wears 6 inch heels! The cities are better as they are more cosmopolitan - London being the best, Liverpool being the worst. Here we go: Note - you may be the only TV/TS/TG person in the venue


1. Napoleons - Manchester's oldest gay pub / club
Owned and run by Anne and Melvin, employs only gay people and provides a friendly and intimate pub / club atmosphere - it's a well decorated pub downstairs with a club style atmosphere upstairs. Open 6 nights a week from 10pm - 2am. Music type from handbag / hi nrg through to current dance. Admission 2-5 (No charge for TG). Capacity 500
Wednesday night is traditionally Tranny night in the village

2. New York New York
- fun club with discerning pub attached (Balans)
Owned and run by Tracy - a fun club open 7 nights a week, with weekly cabaret and Manchester's gay scene DJ's and TV DJ's. Playing a variety of camp, house, dance and handbag. Admission 2-5. Capacity 400

3. Cruz 101
Manchester's most infamous gay club, on 2 levels with the main dance floor being at street level and the tunnel and Cruz rooms downstairs. Open 6 nights a week with a very upfront crowd. Admission 3-10 depending upon the night. Regular cabaret by well known artists e.g. Hazel Brown.

4. Hollywood Showbar
A glitzy winebar with membership regular cabaret, drag DJ's, hot blonde Tranny bombshell at the door (Felicia). Very friendly, warm and welcoming. Owned and run by husband and Post-op TG wife - Alan and Julia Grant. Varied nights open till 2am 7 nights a week. Admission 2-5. Capacity 500

The Northern Concord
Venue: The "Piano Bar" on the first floor of the Hollywood Showbar
Times: Wednesday, 6:30pm to 11pm (The public are let in from 11pm until 2am)
Entrance: 2 (two pounds) for members and 3 (three pounds) for non members
Snail mail: The Northern Concord, P.O. Box 258, Manchester, M60 1LN, England
Web site:
Map: (not quite up to date)

One warning for anyone attending venues in Manchester's Gay Village. The main pickup zone for the red-light district runs along two sides of it: Minshull Street leading in from Portland Street, and Whitworth Street & Fairfield Street leading in from Piccadilly Railway Station as far as Chorlton Street. There is rarely any trouble, except possibly from being solicited by prostitutes or punters (usually politely), but keep it in mind, especially if you are convincing when en-femme. First-timers are advised to enter the Village from Princess Street or Sackville Street

6. Bar 37
A mixed up front winebar, free entrance - only attempt this if you are very convincing - the men are straight and very very manly. Capacity 600

7. The New Union pub
A mixed warm, friendly and trendy pub with night club opening hours, dance floor, regular cabaret, up front music with house, camp, dance. Admission usually free, may charge 1-2 on sat night. Run by Gladys. Capacity 600

8. Manto winebar
Upfront, pumping winebar with late hours (till 2am) - awesome pick up joint for TG friendly men, small - but not cosy or comfortable. This venue forms the after hours party for Paradise Factory. Admission 2-8 depending upon night. Capacity 500

9. Paradise Factory,
situated just outside the gay village, a gay / mixed club hosting different nights, recognised dj's playing a mix of tunes, 3 levels, including the woman's (TG welcome) only bar. Admission 3-10 depending upon night. Capacity 1000

There are other pubs and clubs dotted around the outskirts of the gay village - these are TG ok venues - assuming you look convincing and know how to be a woman - to go there otherwise dressed as a drag queen or a bad Tranny will land you in trouble. Places like Metz, Sound Garden, Yates Wine Lodge, Saturdays, Jenny's - attempt only if you are VERY good and can pass as a confident shemale.


- too many places to mention check out the fetish clubs and any west end pub / night club will admit you assuming you are GOOD!

10. Ron Stormes Club Travestie Extraordinare

Fun club, with mainly elder TV's and their admirers. Changing facilities, club atmosphere - music mainly pop and 70's. 5 entrance, capacity 500. If you look like less than 7 out of 10 then go here. Info line 0208 788 4154

11. The Way out club

More full on club venue for TGs and their admirers, weekly cabaret, dance floor plus chill out room (doubles as restaurant). Admission 8 - 12 depending on type of Saturday night. 10pm - 4am. Capacity 500 - never reaches this limit! The trendiest Tranny club in town. If you look better than 7 out of 10 then go here. Info line 0208 363 0948

There are plenty of more Tranny venues but most of them are rubbish. If you are looking for a convincing TG or a shemale you won't find them there. If you are looking for a crap Tranny then lots of places to choose from (email me for more information)



Club Cleopatra
St-Laurent Boulevard (corner of Ste-Catherine)

Mixed crowd of admirers and Ts some are pros others looking for fun. Thursdays are usually contest night, shows every night around 11:30.

Club L'Astral
Ontario street ( ontario street is two blocks north of ste-Catherine if you follow St-Laurent boulevard )

A lot of working girls since Ontario street is where you will find the working girls. There are some very pretty Ts.

Thanks for the info Phil .

Here is a place in Nassau - courtesy of Jenny

"Endangered Species (Night Club and Bar)"
When : Open Fridays Saturdays and Sundays from 12 midnight until 4 am
Where : Westridge Shopping Centre
Phone : Tel (242) 327 0127

This Club is TG friendly and organises regularely Drag Shows and/or Drag contests


The easiest and most convenient place to pick-up travestis is along the world famous Avenida Atlantica right on Copacaban Beach. Every night at around 11:00 AM, a bevy of “girls” begin arriving and positioning themselves strategically along the Western side of Avenida Atlantica. They usually congregate at the same spots, and are pretty easy to spot.

There are places where real girls stay, and there are places where the travestis hang out. Usually the travestis hang out at the beginning of Copacabana (close to where the Othon Palace Hotel is located, at the opposite end of the strip of where the Meridian Hotel is).

These “girls” are available for quickies in the car and for extended stays at the many motels located throughout Rio. Prices can range from $30-40 for a quick blowjob, to a lot more for an all nighter. These “girls” are very flexible, and they will gladly and enthusiastically perform any wish or fantasy you might have, from the most basic to the most bizarre. One piece of advice, do not get more than one of them into your car at one time because that could present problems for you (especially if you are not familiar with the language and/or local customs). The later it gets, the easier it becomes to spot the increasing number of “girls” who are out walking the streets. They usually are around until dawn.

Another way to “meet” travestis in Rio is at the beach. They frequent Copacabana Beach right across the street from the famous Copacabana Palace Hotel. They usually begin arriving at the beach after 11:00 AM, and the best months for this occur during summer in Brazil (December through March). Take a walk around the beach in front of the Copacabana Palace Hotel and you will see many “girls” tanning, showing off their bodies in extremely small bikinis known as “tangas” -- many are topless. It is a sight to see. And don’t be shy to approach them, usually they will be open to “invitations”.

Most travestis speak some Spanish and/or Italian in addition to their native Portuguese. Very few if any, speak English. Sign language will work sometimes depending on how willing the “girl” is to work with you.

The third way to meet these “girls” is via the classifieds ads in the newspapers. In Rio, the paper you need to check out is the Jornal do Brasil that has the best selection of “girls.” They are listed under the “relax” or “acompanhantes” section of the classifieds section. Most “girls” advertise themselves as “bonecas”.

A “boneca” is a doll in Portuguese, and is the expression that is used to differentiate them from the “regular” girls that advertise. The girls that advertise in the papers are usually high quality, and although they may work the streets sometimes, they usually work from their homes. They all provide pretty accurate descriptions of themselves in the ads. The problem with this method is that you have to know Portuguese, Spanish or Italian to communicate over the phone. It is very difficult to talk to them if you are not fluent in one of the above languages.



State City Club Name Address Best Nights Phone
Arkansas Little Rock The Discovery Club        
   Little Rock Backstreet   Thurs.   
Arizona Phoenix 307 Lounge 307 Roosevelt Thu, Fri, Sat.  
    Phoenix The Wave 9th Street and Indian School      
  Phoenix NuTown 53rd and Van Buren        
California Studio City The Queen Mary 12449 Ventura Blvd. Saturday (818)506-5619
  Los Angeles The Blacklight Western Ave, N. of Santa Monica    
    Hollywood Plaza 739 North La Brea     (213) 939-0703
    West Hollywood Club 7969 (Illusions) 7969 Santa Monica Blvd Fri, Mon (213 ) 654-0280
  Silverlake Rudolpho's 2500 Riverside Drive 2nd Sat each month (213) 969-2596
  San Francisco Stud 9th and Harrison Tues. (415) 252-STUD
  San Francisco Divas Polk and Post Streets    
  San Francisco Power Exchange Otis Street Wed. thru Sun (415) 974-1460
  San Francisco Motherlode On Post St. near Polk St. Friday/Saturday  
  San Francisco Kimoko's On Post St. near California St.    
  San Francisco Steet walkers (escorts) On Larkin St., between Geary St. and Ellis St. After midnight  
  San Diego The Brass Rail Hillcrest area Monday  
Colorado Colo. Springs Hide-N-Seek 600 W. Colorado Late Fri & Sat  
  Denver Tracks 2000 Chestnut, N. of 20th Saturday (303) 292-6600
Florida Orlando Southern Nights Bumby Street    
  Orlando Parliament House N. Orange Blossom Tr.    
  Ft. Lauderdale The Copa  2800 S. Federal Hwy  Weekends  (954) 463-1507
  Ft. Lauderdale Coliseum 2520 S. Miami Road Weekends (954) 832-0100
  Ft. Lauderdale Cathode Ray 1307 E. Las Olas   (954) 462-8611
  Miami The Boardwalk A1A & NE 163rd St.    
  Miami Park Place      
  Miami Waterfront 3615 N W South River Dr.    
  South Beach Swirl 1049 Washington Ave.    
  South Beach Twist 1057 Washington Ave.   (305) 53-TWIST
  Key West Tree Top Bar 1125 Duvall St. Late (305) 296-6706
Georgia Atlanta Backstreet 845 Peachtree Street (Rear) Thurs-Sun (404) 873-1986
Hawaii Honolulu Balcony Bar Ala Moana Blvd.    
  Honolulu Elsie's Polynesian Palace Hotel Street, Downtown    
  Waikiki Club Fusion 2260 Kuhio Ave, 3rd Floor Fri., Sat. (808) 924-2422
    Club Venus Kapiolani Blvd. next to Ala Moana Shopping Ctr.    
    Merchant Street & Fort Street Mall The girls hang out there sometimes by the dozens looking for dates.    
Illinois Chicago The Baton
Show Lounge
436 North Clark/Hubbard St.   (312) 644-5269
  East St. Louis Faces East St. Louis   (618) 271-7410
  Chicago El Gato Negro 1461 W Irving Pk. A lot of very hot Hispanic Trassexuals. Best Nights are Wed., Fri-Sun. Shows on Sun. nights. (773) 472-9353
Indiana South Bend Seahorse Cabaret   Wed-Sat  
Louisiana New Orleans Le Roundup 819 St. Louis St., French Qtr.    
  New Orleans Papa Joes French Quarter All nights  
  New Orleans Lucky Cheng's French Quarter Restaurant with TS/
drag waitresses
Maine Portland The
Sprig Street    
Maryland Baltimore Orpheus 1001 E. Pratt St. Sat. (410) 276-5599
  Baltimore Allegro 1101 Cathedral St.   (410) 837-3906
Massachusetts Boston Jacques Cabaret 79 Broadway St., Bay Village Every Night (617) 426-8902
  Boston Avalon Lansdown Street Sunday night only  
  Boston Machine Boylston Street Friday and Sat nights  
  Boston Chaps 27-31 Huntington Ave (Copley Sq area) Wed. and Thursdays  (617) 266-7778
Minnesota Minneapolis The Gay 90s Hennepin & 3rd Street    
Missouri Kansas City Pearls 1108 Grand Boulevard   (816) 421-1082
    Kansas City Mari's Down Under 18th and Grand    
  Springfield Martha's
    Tues, Fri.    
Las Vegas Angles Bar Paradise Rd., N of Tropicana All  
  Las Vegas Gipsy   Thurs.  
  Las Vegas Las Vegas Lounge      
New York Buffalo Club Marcello   Sunday (716) 454-5963
  New York The Playhouse 526 Canal St. Thurs. (212) 359-5718
  New York Edelweiss 23 West 39th St.   (212) 629-1021
  New York Flavors 40 West 8th St.   (212) 420-1599
  New York Karalyn's
41 East 20th St   (212) 254-3611
  New York Now Bar   Thurs, Fri, Sat  
New Mexico Albuquerque The
Social Club
4021 Central Ave. NE   255-0887
North Carolina Asheville Scandals 11 Grove Street   (704) 252-2838
Ohio Akron Interbelt 70 N. Howard St.   (330) 253-5700
  Lakewood Legends West 117th and Detroit Ave    
  Grand River The Beach Olive Street Wed-Sun  
  Cleveland U4ia Berea Road Wed, Fri, Sat  
Oregon Portland Embers Avenue 110 N W Broadway   (503) 222-3082
  Portland Silverado 'Flosseys' 1217 S W Stark St.   (503) 244-4493
  Portland Three Sister's Tavern 1125 S W Stark St.   (503) 228-0486
  Portland City Nightclub 13 N. W. 13th Ave. Weekends (503) 224-2489
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Pegasu Lounge 818 Liberty Ave   (412) 281-2131
  Pittsburgh Metropol 1600 Smallman Thurs  
Tennessee Memphis Illusions 2865 Walnut Grove Rd.   (901) 458-9955
Texas Dallas Village Station 3911 Cedar Springs Rd Wed, Thurs (214) 380-3808
  San Antonio The Saint Near San Antonio Community College on Main St.    
  El Paso The Old Plantation 219 S. Ochoa   (915) 533-6055
Virginia Norfolk Nutty Buddy's 143 E. Little Creek Rd Tues, Sun (804) 588-6474
Washington, DC Washington Mr. P's 2147 P St. N.W. Tues, Sun (202) 293-1064
  Washington Ziegfields 1345 Half Street Fri-Sun (202) 554-5141